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You deserve the best in expertise and care. Our deep appreciation for the uniqueness of your exact circumstances can directly impact your health and future well-being.

When deciding to entrust Applied Diagnostics with your specimen, your doctor took several important factors into consideration including:

  • We understand the anxiety. A potential diagnosis of cancer has already disrupted your normal life. It's time for clear answers.
  • People are at the heart of all we do. Our experienced doctors treat each sample as if it were from a friend or family.
  • Our deep expertise has touched many lives. We use the most accurate techniques and advanced technology to inspect every aspect of your condition.
  • Collaboration creates better results. Your doctor values our consultation process for determining exactly what is true as well as what is not true.
  • Financial obligations shouldn’t be overwhelming. There's no third party run around. We speak directly with you to set realistic commitments that give peace of mind.

There is no substitute for the relationship you have with your doctor and their knowledge of your physical condition and emotional concerns. We always remember that our work with your doctor today is no less than what will influence your life tomorrow.

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