To help provide in-depth clarification for what is happening with your patient, from initial diagnosis through all aspects of their management, we offer an array of carefully chosen testing platforms and technologies, including advanced molecular options. Our experts will consult with you to customize testing to meet the specific needs of each individual case and patient.


Comprehensive Reports

Patient results for a blood or bone marrow workup residing in a one page, wholly integrated format.

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Protein identification markers to establish malignancy and determine individual tumor phenotypic characteristics.

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Flow Cytometry

The gold standard for rapid identification of diagnostic cell populations and further refinement of the patient immunophenotype.

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G-banding analysis of macro chromosomal aberrations contributory to diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutic response.

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Molecular cytogenetics for observation of micro chromosomal abnormalities or alterations in specific DNA sequences.

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Molecular Genetics

Single gene and multi-detection mutation panels that support precision oncology and improved disease risk stratification.

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