Dependable action across the board

Ours is an industry measured by turnaround time. But true responsiveness – the kind upon which your patient’s welfare depends – is comprised of so much more. Accuracy. Quality. Collaboration. Confidence. All of these are expected of us. By us. And we strive to deliver every day.

Responsive to you

In order to deliver on our promise of clarity, collaboration with you on multiple levels is a must. It is as important for you to understand what is not present, as what is present, so we perform a comprehensive array of tests to ensure all possibilities have been explored.

Based on preliminary results, we consult with you to design follow-up tests. Our experts remain available for consultation throughout the patient’s care continuum. This level of attention is what you can expect from us, because it is what we expect from ourselves.

Responsive to your patient

Applied Diagnostics has built a fully-integrated laboratory with the ability to perform all critical testing under a single roof. For your patient, that means more accurate, more comprehensive test results.

Because all phases of testing are completed in our lab and overseen by experienced hematopathologists, specimens are handled correctly and integrity can be carefully preserved. Ancillary testing is conducted under the guidance of our team leaders. Results are cross-verified and information is shared across multiple disciplines to arrive at a decisive, clear result.

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