The pathfinders

It is our team of deeply experienced and highly motivated professionals that bring the most value to what Applied Diagnostics does for you. Testing can happen in any laboratory. A true difference is made when you focus on creating clarity in order to help people in need.

Experience guides us

Every member of our diagnostic pathology team relies on a wealth of both individual and shared expertise in order to provide the most accurate test results. Our experts have trained and worked at some of the foremost medical institutions in the world. Each lead hematopathologist uses their experience and support of the entire medical staff to guide the diagnostics team toward a clear result.

Technology complements us

Applied Diagnostics uses technology as a means of discovery, not as a prop. Working in a leading medical center like Houston grants us access to the latest innovations in instruments, platforms and bioinformatics support.. This allows us to see deeper, further, and more accurately than ever before. But it is our people, backed by decades of experience, who deliver results that allow you to determine the optimal management plan for your patient.

Passion drives us

Every test we perform has a profound effect on a real person. With that idea at the forefront, we undertake every test as if it were for our own family member. We strive vigorously to create the most accurate picture so you can prescribe the most helpful method of care. We are, and always will be, purpose-driven and patient-focused.

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