Immunohistochemistry test detail

Test/Panel InformationDescription and Details
Disease Indications Covered Breast, epithelial, genitourinary, gastrointestinal, infectious agents, liver, lung, leukemia/lymphoma, melanoma, mesenchymal, mesothelioma, neural/neuroendocrine, prostate, undifferentiated tumor
Test Significance Morphologic examination of cells
Total Number of Stains 100
Stains Available ALK-1, AFP, AR, BCL-2, BCL-6, Ber-EP4, CA125, CA19-9, Calcitonin, Cal-Retinin, CAM 5.2, CD10, CD117, CD138, CD15, CD163, CD1A, CD20, CD23, CD3, CD30, CD31, CD34, CD38, CD4, CD43, CD45 (LCA), CD5, CD56, C57, CD68, CD79A, CD8, CD99, CDX2, CEA, CEA polyclonal, Chromogranin, CK 5/6, CK 14, CK 19, CK 20, CK7, CK-HMW, CMV, Cyclin D-1, Cytokeratin-Pan, D2-40, Desmin, E-Cadherin, EGFR, EMA, ER, Factor VIII, Factor XIII, Gastrin, GCDFP-15, GFAP, HCG, H pylori, Hemoglobin A, HEPPAR-1, HER2/neu, HHV8, HMB45, HSV I/II, Inhibin, Kappa, Ki-67, Lambda, Mammoglobin, MART 1/Ki-67, MART 1/Melan A (DAB), MART 1/Melan A (Fast Red), MOC-31, MPO, MUM1, NSE, p16, p27, p53, p63, PAX-5, P-Cadherin, PIN2, PLAP, PR, PSA, PSAP, RCC, S100, SMA, SMM, Synaptophysin, TdT, Thyroglobulin, TTF-1, Vimentin, WT1, ZAP-70
Specimen Type
  • Fresh Tissue
  • Paraffin Embedded Tissue (FFPE)
Specimen Requirements
  • Primarily tumor tissue
  • Unstained PLUS slides pre-cut from paraffin block in 4 micron section with H&E in 4 micron section
Shipping and Handling
  • At least 6 hour fixation for fresh tissue
  • Send with refrigerated cold pack
TAT 1-2 Days

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