Pathology has expanded beyond the role of disease diagnosis. It now includes helping physicians monitor their patients to determine prognostic indicators, appropriate therapies, drug interactions, resistance and/or sensitivity to treatment, and tracking of minimal residual disease.

Diagram showing how our pathology diagnostics apply across the continuum of care

The care of your patient is always top of mind. Our responsive experts follow a disciplined consultation process in order to provide the clarity you need to guide management of the disease. This approach maximizes your options for customized testing and comprehensive evaluation from our advanced technologies.

When we think about the people we work for, our process becomes a passionate pursuit. Applied Diagnostics eagerly treats every test as if it were for a loved one. Because it is. Every sample represents a person — a mother, a father, a grandmother, a child, a friend.


Our engagement with you ensures we understand your patient and how we can help impact outcome.

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Our People

Purpose-driven and patient focused, our organization is comprised of the highest caliber professionals.

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Advanced Technology

The sophistication of the technologies we deploy is balanced by our understanding that no one of them is absolute.

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Expectations are defined by our physicians and their patients and supported by our medical team.

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