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Using our 10-color flow cytometry results in operational improvements that have a direct impact on patient care.

  • Increased Accuracy
    Greater specificity and sensitivity are achieved by the ability to more precisely characterize any single event at higher levels of detection.
  • Less sample
    When patient samples do not conform to optimal levels of quantity or viability, the use of 10-color flow cytometry increases the chance for successful specimen processing.
  • Faster Results
    Laboratory processing efficiencies result in faster turnaround times.

Flow cytometry is a platform that must be used for more than simply confirming a suspected clinical condition… We are meticulous at Applied Diagnostics and work to develop panels that are comprehensive and use the differential diagnostic capabilities of our systems.

Although our panels have been designed to encompass a wide range of differential diagnoses, our process allows for the request of additional markers based on preliminary immunophenotypic results.

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