Not all diagnostic laboratories are built the same. Applied Diagnostics has the experts you can trust throughout the continuum of care to accurately determine the presence or absence of disease — so you have the complete information necessary to decide the best path forward for your patients.

Because the care of your patients is at stake, it's critical to partner with diagnostic experts you can rely on. We invite you to read the following case studies about our team of pathologists and technical specialists who work together under a single roof to examine every possibility.

A Common Conundrum

Use of an advanced technology guides a major patient treatment and management decision.

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An Unusual Disease

Diagnostic thoroughness gives needed insight for better outcome.

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A Genetic Abberation

Cross-platform testing both confirms disease and sets a baseline for treatment response.

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A Unique Subtype

Our experience in hematologic malignancies recognizes hoof beats from a zebra, rather than a horse.

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