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In the fight against cancer, one the most effective weapons we can bring to bear is collaboration. Without a complete understanding of a patient’s condition, you will be relying on supposition. And without a complete understanding from you of your patient’s history, we are merely examining cells.

The one-on-one dialogue of truly consultative pathology allows you to fully leverage our extensive diagnostic expertise and access to innovative technology. As complete understanding and trust develops, the certainty surrounding patient care comes into sharper focus.

Active collaboration

Internal and external communication regarding our patients is paramount to the success of our laboratory. Our hematopathologists consult with each referring physician proactively on all important patient care matters. Together, we can design an appropriate testing approach that provides you with clear diagnostics for determining the best recommendation — so your patient experiences an improved outcome.

Internal dedication

Every aspect of testing at Applied Diagnostics is guided by the experienced hematopathologist assigned to the case. Our team of laboratory scientists and specialists engage in an internal review for each case with the assigned hematopathologist. This ensures appropriate design and execution of testing methodologies and panels that can inform critical decisions for treatment and management of the patient.

Clear communication

Putting patients first means we must deliver clarity in all of our client interactions. From administrative support to physician/pathologist consultation, clear communication leads to fewer impediments to understanding and a greater chance for better, more patient-focused decisions.

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