Advanced thinking for human care

We select the technologies in our armamentarium very deliberately and responsibly. We consider which advanced technologies ultimately are additive to the diagnosis and management of the patient. As responsible healthcare stewards, we also take into account operational efficiencies, costs, and reimbursement environment.

Molecular diagnostics

As we begin to understand more and more about the human genome, Applied Diagnostics has carefully positioned our laboratory to take advantage of the bounty of information molecular diagnostics will provide. Our capability to examine tissue, blood and bone marrow at the molecular level can reveal the unique specifics about your patient that provide a more precise understanding of their cancer and how to potentially conquer it.

Constant pursuit of what’s next

As part of our overarching commitment to providing patient- focused results, we engage in continuous education to maintain proficiency in the latest advances in both platforms and process. Even the smallest advance can mean the difference between overlooking a microscopic clue and discovering a life-saving detail.

Talk the talk

As advances in testing modalities and procedures evolve, communication is crucial. In an environment where constant change is the norm, internal knowledge exchange becomes vital as testing methodologies become more interdependent and validation of results depend on multiple platforms.

Our technologies cover every level of pathologist involvement across the continuum of care:

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